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Pantelimon Gardens – Douplex Houses Project

A Case study in adaptation:

Initially the land plot of 2.1 Hectars was bought with the simple target of dismembering the plot into raw small land parcels and selling them to local buyers who would build their own house while making a profit.

As time went by a new local ordinance required a PUZ in order to construct a house (as opposed to before). A PUZ was applied for and received. Then the crisis arrived and land parcels would not be financed by banks anymore.

Since the land was not mortgaged, a decision was made to make a joint venture with a builder in order to build houses and upon their sale the company owning the land could get paid for the land portion.

The concept is to create a neighborhood with small to medium size affordable houses all connected to utilities in an enclosed area with landscaping and uniformity.

Below are photos to which there will be more added as the project envolves: