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Project Management


  • Obtaining approvals for zoning (PUZ)
  • Developing a concept for best land use.
  • Changing land destination where needed ( agricultural to urban)
  • Splitting land to smaller parcel or unifying small plots to larger plots.
  • Leasing land for agricultural purposes.

New Construction

  • Developing a concept for a project- e.g. Villas,Duplexes,blocks,commercial etc.)
  • Preparation of plans for construction up to construction permits (architects,engineers etc.)
  • Obtaining various required approvals- Certificate of Urbanism,approval of authorities (e.g. electric company,environmental agencies,police,Water Company,circulation dept and many more.)
  • Interior design planning
  • Supervising new construction (obtaining contractors,construction supervisors,all utility connections and approvals.
  • Obtaining reception of works from authorities.