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Property Management Services

  • Rental/selling – commercial,residential,office properties
  • Optimizing the operational costs of the building (reducing the costs with 20-25%)
  • Property renovation and modernization (build a renovation plan, adapted to the investment buget,obtain the authorization,project management,manage the relationship with the contractors).
  • Manage the relationship with the services and utilities suppliers (security,cleaning and technical services).
  • Manage the facility management services ( building operation and maintenance).
  • Background check on potential tenants
  • Signing leases with tenants
  • In house legal review of leases (residential lease models attorney review for each commercial lease signed).
  • Registering leases in city hall sectors as required by law.
  • Collection and legal enforcement if needed
  • Arranging for periodic inspection and updating of the property: light painting,cleaning,small repairs.
  • Furnishing apartments and creating a look.
  • Handling Emergencies: floods,fires,stoppages,infestation
  • Customer service- helping tenants establish utility,cable contracts etc.
  • Supervise payments by tenant to Building Association.
  • Obtaining insurance policies and other relevant service contracts.
  • Handle all payments on behalf of owner: Real Estate taxes, Insurances,Management Fee,current apartment’s expenses when vacant.
  • Provide detailed quarterly reports to investors/owners.
  • Transfer dividends to owner’s bank account or as otherwise instructed.
  • Financial services- primary accounting and manage the relationship with the accounting company.
  • PR and Marketing.
  • CAPEX – capital expenditure – investment plan for the property to increase its value.